8th INDIA DANCE FESTIVAL at the Korzo Theatre in The Hague

19th October – 4th November.

Korzo’s India Dance Festival, one of the leading European events for Indian Dance, is expanding with new festival locations in The Hague and a tour of the opera Satyagraha.  From 19 October thru 4 November, the melting pot for traditional and contemporary Indian dance presents a notably diverse program including world premieres, up-and-coming talent from the Netherlands and performances by Indian dance makers rarely if ever seen in the Netherlands. An example is the major production Thari-The Loom by Indian dance icon Malavika Sarukkai brought to the Netherlands; the Indian Bharatanayam star Rukmini Vijayakumar will be in The Hague with new work developed during her residence at Korzo. Kalpana Raghuraman from the Netherlands premieres her latest multidisciplinary performance. In addition, the India Dance Festival will also be enriched with concerts by musicians such as harpist Lavinia Meyer and tabla player Heiko Dijker; a workshop program, a conference for the Indian dance community in the Netherlands and dance films.

New festival locations and tour Satyagraha

The festival’s main location is Korzo theatre; in addition, performances will also be shown at the Zuiderstrandtheater and for the first time also in De Nieuwe Regentes. Philip Glass’ opera Satyagraha, a unique production that in previous editions played to sell-out audiences, will embark on a festival tour and will appear in the Zuiderstrandtheater, Stadsschouwburg Utrecht, and De Meervaart in Amsterdam. Satyagraha is a coproduction of Korzo with Kwekers in de Kunst in which 60 singers, dancers, and musicians perform. The opera production was made possible through permission given by Philip Glass himself.

Diversity rules in international program

With the first contours of the program now becoming visible, it is clear that diversity rules during the 8th edition of the India Dance Festival. Choreographer Malavika Sarukkai presents the Dutch premier of her grandiose production Thari-The Loom, inspired by the sari, the traditional article of clothing used by women. In her own country the Indian choreographer has played a leading role for three decades in dance and choreography in an innovative Bharatanatyam style. An appearance of major Indian Kuchipudi dancers Yamini Reddy is also expected. She comes to The Hague to show the kind of powerhouse Kuchipudi dancer that she is. Kuchipudi is a dance style rarely shown in the Netherlands.

Rukmini Vijayakumar is back in the Netherlands with a triple-bill program including new work developed during her international residence in Korzo. With financial support from the Kylián foundation, she works to renew her dance idiom in May and October.


The presence of international dancers and choreographers makes for an inspiring contribution to the conference on the professionalizing of Indian dance in the Netherlands, hosted by Korzo on 3 November. The workshops they give during the festival offer amateurs and professionals the chance to develop their dance language to a high level. Rukmini Vijayakumar will give a Bharatanatyam Weekend Intensive for advanced dancers.

Music is given a larger role in this edition of the festival. Concerts by harpist Lavinia Meyer and tabla player Heiko Djker, and the young tabla virtuoso from Calcutta Abhirup Roy promise to be highlights of the festival.