Opera Zuid presents Kurt Weill’s LADY IN THE DARK on tour

Until 11th December.

In the Broadway opera Lady in the Dark, we see and hear an unexpected side of Kurt Weill, taking us into the depths of our psyche and the dreams of our subconscious. Themes such as performance pressure, burnout and the search for self-fulfillment and love are brilliantly and movingly captured in a frame story of three miniature dream operas.

Liza Elliott, editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine, has suffered from panic attacks and depression for months. She is under immense pressure both privately and in her career. Her love life is impossible, she can’t choose between her married boss and lover Kendall Nesbitt, and movie star Randy Curtis while manager Charley Johnson only irritates her. She finally decides to see a psychiatrist. By analyzing her dreams, they get to the heart of Liza’s problems.

However, Lady in the Dark is more than a piece about the demands that life and society place on a woman. It is first and foremost wonderful music theater with sharp humour, imaginative dreams and fantastic songs. The beautiful main aria My Ship runs like a thread through the piece, which has been covered by many virtuosos, from Judy Garland to Miles Davis.

In addition to a sublime combination of opera and Broadway music, this production at Opera Zuid is also a visual spectacle with beautiful costumes based on fashion from the 1940s.

The South Netherlands Philharmonic, choir and soloists are conducted by the American conductor and Weill expert David Stern and the British rising star Anna Pool is directing.

The leading roles are played by soprano Maartje Rammeloo as Liza Elliott and actress Sylvia Poorta as psychiatrist Dr. Brooks. The men around Liza Elliott – Kendall Nesbitt, Randy Curtis and Charley Johnson – are shaped by followed by Jeremy Finch White, Quirijn de Lang and Elliott Carlton Hines. The group of dancers is led by American aerial acrobat Dreya Weber, who made a big impression earlier this year with her performance in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Lady in the Dark is performed in English with Dutch and English surtitles.

Team & cast
David Stern  muzikale leiding 
Anna Pool 
Madeleine Boyd  decor- & kostuumontwerp
Rebecca Howell  choreografie
Bretta Gerecke  lichtontwerp
Joep Hupperetz  dramaturgie
Jori Klomp  koorleiding

Sylvia Poorta  Dr. Brooks
Maartje Rammeloo  Liza Elliott
Elliott Carlton Hines  Charley Johnson
Simon Butteriss  Russell Paxton 
Quirijn de Lang  Randy Curtis
Jeremy Finch White  Kendall Nesbitt
Veerle Sanders  Elinor Foster
Nienke Nasserian  Maggie Grant 
Dreya Weber Dance Captain
Alice de Maio, Jolanda Bazzi, Gijs Hanegraaf, Edgar Sagarra Portmondo van der Wiel, Niels Gordijn  dansers

philharmonie zuidnederland
Theaterkoor Opera Zuid
i.s.m. Kooracademie Maastricht

Tour dates

  • di 22 november 20.00 | Parktheater, Eindhoven
  • do 24 november 20.00 | Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg
  • za 26 november 20.00 | Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg
  • do 01 december 20.00 | Parkstad Limburg Theaters, Heerlen
  • di 06 december 20.00 | Theater Rotterdam Schouwburg
  • do 08 december 20.00 | Chassé Theater, Breda
  • zo 11 december 19.30 | Theater aan het Vrijthof, Maastricht