Amsterdam’s QETC needs your signature to mount its next show

They are planning a reprise of the Alan Bennett Talking Heads double bill A Chip in the Sugar and Bed Among the Lentils for the first time in Amsterdam.

Current measures mean that audiences must be socially distanced. To do this, they have worked out a plan with CC Amstel to perform in the round. Even so, they can only fit in 100 seats in a theatre for 154 people – a big loss of ticket revenue. For audiences though it means being intimately close to the action, whilst still safely 1.5 metres apart.

The Amsterdam Zuid Buurtbudget allows residents and businesses to apply for funding that benefits locals. As part of their application QE2 want to offer reduced ticket prices, advertise the plays and venue in Amsterdam Zuid and bring people back to what people love – live theatre, in a safe way. You need to live in Amsterdam to vote.

Click here to go to the voting page on the QETC website