JASPER VAN LUIJK piece at the Korzo in The Hague


1st December.

After the national and international success tour in 2013, Quite Discontinuous returns in the autumn of 2018. Four dancers, alternating partner work and exciting solos accompanied by an endless stream of trance-exciting soundscapes.  Jasper van Luijk, with his precise and painfully sharp choreography, captures his fascination for lifelessness in a pass-de-trois of mourning. How do we respond to the death of a loved one and how does a group redefine itself when a player is missing?

“It is impossible / says the experience.” And again and again the one and only vocals sound like: ‘It is what it is / says love.’ This silent dance frequency is of an equally simple beauty. ‘
Loek Zonneveld, Theaterkrant  2013.