Släpstick to tour with THE ROARING TWENTIES next year

After an extensive try-out period from mid-September, top company Släpstick will tour the country from 28th January to 26th June, 2022 with the new performance The Roaring Twenties. This thunderous anniversary show promises to be the unsurpassed, magnificent, chic, swinging, singing, moving, moving, champagne toasting, crème de la crème experience of the decade. The official premiere is Friday 28th January in the Koninklijke Schouwburg, The Hague.

The Roaring Twenties is the successor of the international success show SLÄPSTICK, which was described in one of the many jubilant reviews as ‘variety at a laughable high level’ and with which Släpstick drew full houses in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, England, France, the Netherlands, New Zealand and Scotland.

At the renowned Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, the show was awarded The Spirit of The Fringe Award, the third international prize next to the Dutch Johan Ticket Prize and the German Comedy Award Moers. Släpstick – known as Wëreldbänd until 2018 – is a five-piece music theater group with humorous, tightly directed and innovative shows at the intersection of physical comedy, choreography and music at the highest level. The company makes ingenious use of both modern and ancient techniques. There are no age, culture or language barriers. The virtuoso slapstick shows are a feast full of surprises for young and old.  

Due to its 25th anniversary, the company is now bringing a festive anniversary performance to the theaters. Using the latest techniques, Släpstick travels a hundred years back in time. The Roaring Twenties is a 1920s-style party, complete with red carpet. Get ready for an evening that brings the glory days of slapstick back to life in a contemporary way. Enjoy the buzzing beat of the dance orchestra, bathe yourself in the splendor of the Jugendstil banquet hall and revel in the decadence of the upper class. And what if the table legs are a little shaky? So what, if the organ is about to collapse. Why, the chandelier hangs on a few loose bolts? Everything is under control! Absolutely nothing can go wrong! However?

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