THE POTATO EATERS: Mistake or Masterpiece? Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

8th October – 13th February 2022.   

The exhibition The Potato Eaters: Mistake or Masterpiece? is an ode to the work which Vincent van Gogh painted in the Brabant village of Nuenen in 1885. Although the painting is now one of the highlights of the Van Gogh Museum’s collection, it was by no means viewed that way by everyone at the time. The exhibition will focus on the background to the work’s creation, the artist’s dedication and perseverance, the significance that the painting held for him and the fierce criticism it attracted. A selection of paintings, drawings, sketches and letters by Vincent van Gogh and works by contemporaries and sources of inspiration like Jozef Israëls and Anthon van Rappard tell the full story behind The Potato Eaters. Visitors can get even closer to the painting in the Potato Eaters Studio – a full-sized model of the cottage of the De Groot-van Rooij family as featured in The Potato Eaters, in which workshops and other activities will be organized. The exhibition invites visitors to form their own opinion of what Van Gogh then viewed as the best work he produced so far.