Preview of A STRANGE NEW SPACE by STET in The Hague

A magical story using beautiful hand-made puppets and original music. An unforgettable theatre experience for audiences or 7+, devised, performed and produced by children’s theater specialist Tessa Bide.

The performance follows the journey of a girl called Amira. Amira is obsessed with space and always dreams of being an astronaut. One day, Amira’s imagination crash-lands into her reality as she is forced to leave her home, so she packs her bag for the intergalactic trip she has been waiting for. The journey into her imagination has been played out on stage, paralleled with the real journey as a refugee. A Strange New Space provides an exciting introduction to theater and triggers conversations about a topic that has never been more relevant than in today’s society. To a lot of children this show is also about to leave home. The story reflects the experience of expat children traveling from one country to another.

MORE ABOUT TESSA BIDE in her own words.

Hello! I am Tessa Bide – theatremaker, writer and performer. I am based in Bristol and I’m happiest when I’m on stage … or by the sea.

I make innovative theater productions for family audiences that tell original stories, encouraging dialogue between the generations. My one-woman production, The Tap Dancing Mermaid, has been touring since 2013 and has received some rather lovely reviews. The show has now passed on to Pigtails Productions for them (under my direction) for the next 3 years.

My unusual and intimate two-hander Arnold’s Big Adventure was set in a custom-build tent and a true interactive experience. This show is a goodbye in the summer.