This summer the Vrolijk Museum at azc Rijswijk will be turned into a miniature desert! Mariska de Groot, together with residents of the azc, will create a performance using a big double pendulum hanging from the ceiling of the Vrolijk Museum, making three dimensional Lissajous drawings with sand.

Stichting de Vrolijkheid is a multicultural, not-profit network of artists, play writers, actors, musicians and volunteers who invest in children and teenagers in asylum-seekers centers. Vrolijkheid organizes creative activities on a regular basis in 28 asylum-seekers centers in the Netherlands.

Over the weeks of August different layers and colours of sand will grow into a transitory sculpture. Light play during the night will transform the little sandy hills into a detailed curvy landscape. Sound, voice and storytelling fortify the meaning of the spiralling movement during the final performance in the end of the month.

Every Wednesday in August from 16:00 the doors of Vrolijk Museum at Lange Kleiweg 80, Rijswijk will be open for public to see the project in progress. On 31st July 18:00 the first drawing will be made.

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