AMARE The Hague


Spuiplein 150,

2511 DG

Den Haag

Tel.  070 880 0333

Opened in November 2021 Amare is the home of Nederlands Dans Theater, Royal Conservatoire and Residentie Orkest.

With four theatres and concert halls, a large number of public spaces and two catering establishments, Amare is not only a large impressive cultural centre and institution for the performing arts, but also a secondary school and a conservatoire. A building that can accommodate up to 6,600 visitors at once for a variety of activities.

Each of Amare’s four halls has been placed at different positions in the building. That way, the sound vibrations remain within each hall, preventing any noise leakage between them. Special provisions, such as acoustic ceilings, panels and curtains, have also been installed in the halls themselves to guarantee the purest sound experience.

On Amare’s ground floor, a roofed, publicly accessible space runs all the way from Spuiplein to Turfmarkt on the other side. Here, visitors will find the box office ticket counters, the Square of the Arts, and a catering establishment with its own terrace. Beneath the building are a public parking garage and a public bicycle parking facility.

In addition to the various halls, the building also contains various study spaces and classrooms for the Royal Conservatoire’s music and dance students, studios for the dancers of Nederlands Dans Theater, and a rehearsal room for the musicians of the Residentie Orkest.