Amsterdam Museum temporarily moves to Hermitage Amsterdam  

A permanent presentation, temporary exhibitions and programming for 3.5 years The Amsterdam Museum is moving to the Hermitage Amsterdam and will be open to the public from Saturday, 5th March 2022. The current location of the Amsterdam Museum, the former Burgerweeshuis at Kalverstraat 92, is closing due to a large-scale renovation. From March 2022 to 2025, the Amsterdam Museum is showing a completely new collection presentation in the Amsterdam Museum wing of the Hermitage, which, in addition to the traditional history of Amsterdam, also offers a lot of space for dissenting voices and lesser-known and more recent histories of the city.

In addition, residents and enthusiasts of the city have their say in changing exhibitions to show ‘their Amsterdam’. The annex of the Amsterdam Museum in the Hermitage will mainly show the visitor that there is no single history of the city with well-known objects from the collection and new or less well-known works. In the permanent chronological presentation about the histories of Amsterdam; Panorama Amsterdam: a living history of the city, familiar but also new and unknown stories about and perspectives on Amsterdam’s past give an impression of how Amsterdam has formed and continues to develop. In addition, there will also be smaller exhibitions that change every six months. The courtyard will host free outdoor exhibitions and the Amsterdam Museum is also organizing an extensive education and public program in its temporary home in the Hermitage.