Art adventures from home in the time of lockdown

MIRROR by Alicja 2019. Screen print Edition of 11 66 x 80cms

The current pandemic has presented us with many challenges: one of which is to stay connected with the world despite being locked in our quickly shrinking homes. The internet has, however, been a blessing during this dark time. For us art enthusiasts especially, it has given us a connection to the inspiring world of art from a safe distance.

From large museums like the Louvre to smaller galleries, online exhibitions are on the rise and we are here for it. One to highlight maybe the new online Sustainable Art Exhibition organized by Victory Art on the new Artsteps platform.

Art has been a sort of collective consciousness of the times. Whether it is the celebration of religious figures during their heyday, the shift of this depiction from aristocrats to the common man, or the popularization of abstract art since the invention of photography, art has always told a story about what humanity is experiencing. 

Now, as we are becoming more and more conscious of our impact on our planet, many artists have furloughed normal mediums like paint to create new and interesting mixed media pieces. This has led to the rise of sustainable art – art made from recyclable materials with a conscious for the environment. While they represent the world but also have a unique identity to them since the artists have given themselves the creative license and the extra challenge when it comes to the use of materials.

The artists use a variety of unexpected materials including plastic, photo paper, paper cutouts to make their unexpected creations. The experimentation is interesting in that it helps expand the possibilities of the imaginative uses of everyday items. That is a refreshing take on the contributions art can have on the environment and whether it should at the cost of aesthetics.

From abstract imagery to more detail-oriented recognizable figures, the exhibition encompasses different themes. This is not surprising given the wide array and specializations of the artists creating them. Hailing from different countries within the Eastern European region, the exhibition focuses on a variety of art styles of creative material use.

The issue of climate change has been in the global conversation for a while now. As we grow awareness of the extent of damage society has created, this exhibition comes at a time that is relevant to the discussion happening right now. This, however, has not been the first time, nature has played a part in the art world – whether it be as a subject or a source of inspiration for artists. To be completely candid, it isn’t even the first time, it has been the medium. Mixed media artists have long incorporated many natural and synthetic materials to create memorable works of art. However, the artwork has not been created with the intention to remain sustainable until now. The conversation is still quite young. And certainly not over any time soon.     Parikrama Rai of Victory Art in Rotterdam    11th May 2020

Victory Art’s current online exhibition can be seen here