ART versus BEAUTY – When Stones Dance with Eggs

Ludion presents Art versus Beauty, a book about how we look at art and, by extension, what it is to be human.

At a time when we are constantly exposed to art through a plethora of galleries, exhibitions and the internet, and where online commerce has exploded, this book offers a refreshing look at modern and contemporary art. The author argues that concepts such as ‘beauty’ and ‘imagination’ are worthless when it comes to art and does away with out-dated ideas.

Art Versus Beauty – written and curated by art collector/connoisseur Adrian David – is an accessible, perceptive and lavishly illustrated book for art lovers, admirers, collectors and art dealers alike.

Art does not take into account the judgment of the viewer and seeks to push boundaries. Art is autonomous, now, just as it used to be, contrary to what was expected of art. You cannot write an objective truth about a work of art and there is no definition of the word. Adrian David

112 pp.
Softcover with flaps