Tchk-Tsjech! by the BELINFANTE QUARTET with JORDI CÁRDENAS at the Delft Fringe Festival at Rietveld Theater

Named after Frieda Belinfante, cellist and the first professional female conductor in Europe, the quartet consists of Olivia Doflein and Fiona Robertson on violins, Sophie Vroegop on viola and Pau Marquès Oleo on cello. Their excellent concert last night at the Rietveld was augmented to provide a creative audio/visual experience.

The all-too-brief concert consisted of a number of short pieces by Czech composer Léos Janáček. They were played with great sensitivity and delicacy by the four young musicians. I was impressed.

They were joined, lurking in the shadows, by artist Jordi Cárdenas who provided the visual aspects with what we would have called a light show. It was almost like being at an early Pink Floyd concert in the sixties. But rather than oil wheels and psychedelic freak-outs these where subtly hand-crafted abstract images, created directly on to 35mm slides and projected on a giant screen behind the musician. Jordi works live on the transparent surface by painting, gluing and adding different materials to create abstract images that respond to the sound.

Rather than distracting, the visuals added to the performance, resulting in a very satisfying experience. Highly recommended.   Michael Hasted   5th May 2019

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