BOEKDRUK (Printing) MUSEUM, Dordrecht

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Boekdruk (Book Printing) Museum
Reewegpad 22

Tel 078 621 3882


The Book Printing Museum in Dordrecht is a working print and graphical museum.

Now printing is very common, but there has been a long period of time. A period in which history is written, both literally and figuratively. A large part of this history can be seen and experienced in the Book Printing Museum. The collection of our museum includes numerous machines and tools that relate to the graphic arts industry of the last century.

You will not only be amazed at the technical ingenuity of that time, but can also see all the machines in operation.

The Boekdruk Museum is in development and regularly added “new” machines and tools to the collection. Our goal is that all machines will go on and continue to work, so that the timeframe remains for the next generations.


Open first and third Saturday of the month.