Boom Chicago at the Rozentheatre in Amsterdam

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Rozengracht 117,

1016 LV Amsterdam

Boom Chicago creates smart and funny comedy shows at our theater on the Rozengracht in Amsterdam. A Boom show is a fast-paced mix of sharp writing, quick improvisation, video, music and technology. You and your friends enjoy the show from a table with buckets of beer and bottles of wine.

In 1993, Boom Chicago began in a dingy Amsterdam salsa bar, I mean, in a charming nightclub, full of character. Yes. Let’s go with that.

Since then, the group has grown into an international comedy powerhouse. It is both an important part of the Dutch comedy scene and a training ground for some of the funniest and most influential American comedy writers and performers.

After years near and on the Leidseplein, Boom Chicago moved to a larger theater and studio complex on the Rozengracht in 2013. The Rozentheater consists of two theaters, rehearsal spaces, offices, video facilities and the popular Bar 117.