Call for entries for MOTEL MOZAÏQUE FESTIVAL (MOMO) in Rotterdam

8th – 20th April.

To the creative community, pay attention: during the Motel Mozaïque Festival (MOMO) you will have the opportunity to realize and exhibit your wildest liquid dream in the most beautiful city of Holland, Rotterdam.

By receiving €1000 you will be able to create a crazy installation, a bizarre performance or even engage the audience in a social experiment… Whatever you wish for, the festival is your canvas and we embrace any wild ideas <3

Are you an artist, a designer, maker, performer, dancer, scientist or are you just full of ideas? Send your idea today and who knows, maybe you will be part of this year’s line-up next to Apparat, Jungle by Night, Black Midi and RIMON among others.

Motel Mozaïque Festival 2019 introduces the theme LIQUID and invites you to dive into the unknown and break free from conventional norms. Get to know the unknown.

Who am I? Where do I come from? What is gender? How do I want my life to look like? Who decides how do I live my life? These are questions which are echoing around us, questions in which we will dive deeper during the festival. It seems that we are able to reconsider everything, from gender to monogamy. However, when you diverge far from the norm, you may also hit a wall.

The 19th edition of Motel Mozaïque (MOMO) will create a podium in order to give voice to creative experiences. Artists will be given the opportunity to present their quest under the theme LIQUID while blurring the borders of art disciplines, from music and dance to ceremonies and an ART Motel.

The programme of MOMO is being realized in collaboration with a lot of Rotterdam based partners and of course You! The festival will take place from 18 to 20 of April 2019 in different locations in the city, presenting artists such as Panda Bear, Apparat, Colin Self, Melanie de Biasio, RIMON, Grandbrothers & many more.

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