CSABA FAZAKAS exhibition in The Hague

at Goldrotschwartz German Art House

CSABA FAZAKAS, an intellectual artist with an experimental temperament who consciously draws on avant-garde traditions of the 20th century. His art is characterized by sensitivity to individual and social problems. At the same time through a special timelessness and universality.

After studying painting, graphics and ceramics in Romania and later as a student of great masters like Arnulf Rainer in Austria, Fazakas is still perfecting his knowledge today through scientific methods that he consciously incorporates into his work. His outstanding art, that have been admired for more than 30 years in numerous group and solo exhibitions from Bucharest to Berlin, from Vienna to Tokyo is represented in private and public collections all around the world.

Csaba Fazakas also shows his admiration for expressive phrases and Art Brut – art in its raw state, so to speak – also here in the works of the series Homo deus.

The use of strong gestures and fine breaks, which are reduced to an almost black and white coloring, gives his art and these works an extremely touching, almost dramatic feeling.

The exhibition continues until 31st May 2021

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