Adriaan Dönszelmann and Emilie Gordenker (Board of the Van Gogh Museum) with Ronald Leunisse (Managing Director of DHL Express Nederland) and Krista Bakker (staffmember DHL) from left. Photo: Jelle Draper 

DHL Express, the world leader in international express delivery, has signed a three-year partnership deal with the Van Gogh Museum. The museum is home to the world’s largest collection of Van Gogh’s paintings, drawings and letters, and is popular with all nationalities. The partnership will see DHL facilitate the delivery of purchases made in the museum webstore to the customer’s home, anywhere in the world. Reproductions of Van Gogh’s iconic works and products inspired by Vincent’s life and work will be sent in packaging featuring one of his masterpieces. The Van Gogh Museum is teaming up with DHL Express to strengthen the connection with Vincent van Gogh fans, helping them – despite travel restrictions linked to the coronavirus crisis – to get up close to his art. 

Sustainable journey 
To mark the start of the partnership, Emilie Gordenker (Director of the Van Gogh Museum) presented the first specially packaged parcel to Ronald Leunisse (Managing Director of DHL Express Nederland), who entrusted it to a cycle courier. This was the first step in the package’s journey, which will be as sustainable as possible. If cycling or electric transport is not possible, DHL will fully compensate the emitted CO2 emissions. 

Emilie Gordenker and Adriaan Dönszelmann, board of the Van Gogh Museum: ‘Our sponsors are vital, particularly in these uncertain times. Vincent van Gogh is popular all around the world, and this partnership means that his work will now also travel to all corners of the globe. This is especially significant in a time when many people are not able to travel to the museum. We are therefore delighted to launch this collaboration’. 

From delivery partner to logistics partner 
DHL already delivered orders placed in the Van Gogh Museum webstore. This partnership means that DHL will cover all transport costs, and the express courier will compensate the CO2 emissions via its GoGreen Climate Neutral Program. Each order will also be packaged in a print of one of Van Gogh’s masterpieces, including Almond Blossom (1890) and Sunflowers (1889). Thanks to the partnership, both receiving and opening a package will now be more memorable. 

Ronald Leunisse, Managing Director of DHL Express Nederland: ‘Vincent van Gogh’s art is iconic and world-famous. We are proud to have the opportunity to use our global network to contribute to the museum’s international reach. In his time, Vincent also sent plenty of letters and works to share his impressions of the world. Our sustainable approach adds an extra dimension to the partnership. We hope that our contribution will ultimately mean that future generations can also enjoy his art’. 

Exhibition ‘Your loving Vincent’. Van Gogh’s Greatest Letters

From 9 October to 10 January 2021

Letters hold special significance for DHL Express and the Van Gogh Museum. In the first 10 years after DHL was founded (in 1969), DHL transported only documents and packages in special, coloured postbags. More than 50 years later, important letters and documents are still packaged in this way, before being transported all around the world. Vincent van Gogh wrote and sent hundreds of letters throughout his life, allowing him stay in touch with his beloved brother Theo and his artist friends. With at least 875 documents, the Van Gogh Museum is home to the world’s largest collection of Van Gogh’s letters. His complete correspondence comprises almost 930 letters and additional documents.

The exhibition ‘Your loving Vincent’. Van Gogh’s Greatest Letters offers visitors the remarkable opportunity to view some 40 of Vincent van Gogh’s fascinating letters alongside iconic artworks such as The Bedroom (1888), The Sower (1888) and The Potato Eaters (1885). The recently acquired letter from Vincent van Gogh and Paul Gauguin to Émile Bernard will also be on display in the exhibition.