DUTCH HARP FESTIVAL 2021 live online from Utrecht

15th & 16th May.

DUTCH HARP FESTIVAL 2021 Online from Tivoli Vredenburg, Utrecht.

This year, the festival returns in an online version with an astonishing line-up of harpists and other musicians from all around the world. Prepare to be delighted not only by mind-blowing concerts, but also by talented harpists during the competition.

The first Dutch Harp Festival was held in Utrecht in 2010 as a meeting place for musicians, harp enthusiasts, composers and innovators in the fields of classical music, contemporary music and folk music. The first Dutch Harp Festival was a true revolution within the worlds of harp and classical music. The event brought together 32 competitors and more than one thousand visitors from many different countries to enjoy numerous concerts, masterclasses and lectures.

Since then, the festival has become an annual highlight on the cultural event calendar in the Netherlands, attracting an international audience and a mix of contemporary, classical and folk performers.

Be an online spectator of the Dutch Harp Competition

The Dutch Harp Festival highlights the harpist’s role in conveying so much more than just the stereotypical angelic sounds. Under the artistic guidance of Dutch harpist Remy van Kesteren, the Dutch Harp Festival features, amongst the many harpists, a surprising programme that shows the other side of what the harp is capable of.

One of the features of the festival is the Dutch Harp Competition for both performers and composers, in which original pieces are presented, performed and judged by an independent jury. 

Visit the online edition of the Dutch Harp Festival

Take a glimpse of a previous edition of the festival below, to get an idea of what to expect.