Piet Mondriaan, Oostzijdse molen aan het Gein bij maanlicht, ca. 1903 Oil on canvas, 63 ×75,4 cm, Collection and courtesy of the Rijksmuseum

From Winterswijk to Domburg – free walking routes are ideal for a day out.

If you only know Mondrian from his signature coloured squares and rectangles paintings you may be in for a surprise – he started off painting fairly typical impressionist landscapes. This new website offers you the chance to gain a deeper insight into the artist’s work by following in his footsteps – and this is more than a trip around the block . . .

The Gifted Art Foundation takes you into the life of the world-famous artist Piet Mondriaan (1872-1944) and takes you to the places where he lived and worked, such as Amersfoort, Winterswijk, Amsterdam, Domburg, Laren, Winterswijk, Paris and New York. There are six walking routes and a bicycle route available for free; historical (photo) material gives the walker or cyclist context at locations from Mondrian’s life and sources of inspiration. The Gifted Art Foundation collaborated with Kunstmuseum Den Haag and the RKD for this project.

In each place, the relevant historical information about Mondrian is told through the most striking locations, such as the studios where he worked, the academy where he was taught, the café he liked to visit, the windmills he painted, the gallery that showed his work or the museum he liked to visit. You step into a time machine and not only discover interesting facts about his personal life, but also learn about the influence of his relocations on his work: from the inspiring light of Domburg in Zeeland to the bustling dynamics of New York. The website is available in Dutch and English and is also easily accessible on mobile or on a tablet.

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