FRAMED by Conny Janssen Danst online from Rotterdam

FRAMED by Conny Janssen Danst. Photo by Andreas Terlaak

PREVIEW  Conny Janssen Danst can be seen from 24th March 2021 with the brand new production FRAMED: a visually edited story in which dance, film images and music come together to create a shared world. As soon as theaters can open their doors again, things will go Rotterdam company on tour. However, dance lovers do not have to wait for that, because FRAMED is in collaboration with Theater Rotterdam and Stadsschouwburg Utrecht can also be visited “on demand” in a specially edited digital version from 24th March.

FRAMED – the performance

“In FRAMED we see different lives in the city: each in its own rhythm and routine, each with his own own desire. We create an associative world, a mosaic of fragments in which the figures passing by, wandering in their own thoughts. Especially in this time, when we live in a more isolated way than we might like, let’s see that everyone deals with the feeling in their own way behind our daily lives. “- Conny Janssen

In FRAMED there is a major role for video. Conny Janssen works together with set designer Thomas Rupert and filmmaker Davide Bellotta. A 33m2 LED screen represents the skin of the city like an abstract painting. The movie images shown serve as light source and sensory sensor for the adventurous group of dancers consisting of young talent and famous faces. The music in FRAMED is a varied soundtrack that moves between crystal clear classical music and cinematic urban soundscapes. 

FRAMED – video streams for your home 

Due to the corona measures, the world premiere was on February 25 and the first weeks of touring FRAMED canceled. That is why Conny Janssen Danst offers a special online from 24 March edited version of the performance in which the viewer is introduced to twelve figures at home, all of them residents of the same city. We discover what connects them in sequential scenes. True individual lives touch.  Theater tour: As soon as theaters are open to the public, until 30th May, 2021FRAMED video streams are offered by Conny Janssen Danst in collaboration with:Theater Rotterdam (recording location) and Stadsschouwburg Utrecht