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Kuipershaven 21
3311 AL Dordrecht

tel.: 078-631 79 18

The gallery is located in a unique historic district in Dordrecht where where the rivers Merwede, Noord and Oude Maas coincide. The gallery is in a fully restored West Indian House (including four style rooms), the adjacent warehouse and the central exhibition space has 600 m2 available. The gallery wants to be a real ‘companion’. A place where people feel connected by their love and interest in art and culture. Therefore, concerts, lectures and debates are organized regularly.

Proprietor Victor DeConinck gained fame as a television presenter. His passion for art has everything to do with his youth. His father was a visual artist who worked mainly in the Hague school tradition.

He took Victor on his tours and to museums and galleries and he met many of his father’s colleagues. Rather than art he chose to study of pedagogy and philosophy. In 1993 he founded the De Compagnie, a gallery which has since achieved national recognition.