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Garage Rotterdam
Goudsewagenstraat 27
3011 RH Rotterdam

Tel .+31 (0)10 – 737 08 75


Garage Rotterdam is a medium-sized exhibition centre for contemporary art in the city centre of Rotterdam. Four exhibitions will be held here yearly. Additional events such as lectures, performances and concerts will be organised to complement the exhibitions in Garage Rotterdam.

Housed in a former Volkswagen garage, Garage Rotterdam is a non-profit foundation. This 500m2 garage was transformed into an exhibition centre and coffee corner by architect Remy Meijers in 2011. Garage Rotterdam is accessible for wheelchairs.

The interior of this former garage inspired Remy Meijers in his design. The garage was originally built in 1955 as part of the post-war reconstructions in Rotterdam. Taking into account the new purpose of the building as exhibition centre, Remy Meijers opted for a spacious and light interior. The impressive concrete constructions of the building have been uncovered and are now clearly visible to emphasize the building’s industrial nature.