GO Gallery, Amsterdam

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Marnixstraat 127
1015 VK, Amsterdam

Tel. 06 50262869

Shortly after its foundation, Oscar van der Voorn met his partner Farud Cambatta in Bombay. A few years later, Farud came to Amsterdam and they have the GO Gallery continued together.

In the early 2000’s, van der Voorn and Cambatta came in contact with local and international artists who used the street as their canvas and this art form was still called graffiti but soon got the name Street Art. The GO Gallery became a place where mainly young Street Artists could exhibit and sell their artworks. Collectors found their way to the GO Gallery where original artworks and editions are sold for realistic prices.

However, the GO Gallery was seen as the odd one out by many colleagues and some even spoke poorly of the fact that there was street art in an art gallery!
Now, 25 years later, Street Art has become an integral part of the streets, art galleries, museums, history books, advertisements, (important) art collections, in short, the society.

GO Gallery scored a hat trick for the Dutch Street Art Awards in the category “Best Street Art Gallery in the Netherlands.” A big compliment for the first Dutch gallery, which has been actively involved with Street Art since the late 1990’s.