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Het Hof van Nederland

Hof 6

3311 XG Dordrecht


Phone: +31(0)78 7708708


Het Hof van Nederland is a place of national historical significance. In this museum in Dordrecht you will experience the First Assembly of the Free States of 1572 first hand; a key event, that laid the foundations for the independent Republic of the Netherlands, the predecessor of our current Netherlands. Filmed by a first class director, starring well-known Dutch actors and shown in the very place where it all began, the Statenzaal.

You learn about the influence of the Synod of Dordrecht on Dutch language and culture. You experience the early golden age of fourteenth-century Dordrecht as the most influential city in the province of Holland (currently the provinces of North and South Holland).

It is also inescapably the story of the Netherlands: the city’s history as an illustration of Dutch history. Moreover, you will discover ‘Dordt’ as the city of Johan and Cornelis de Witt and as a city of inundation and Biesbosch. All of this comes together in a multimedia presentation, in which a fine selection of artifacts from the extensive Dordrecht Collection is combined with interactive technology.