Jazz at the Rietveld Theatre, Delft

Tinus Koorn and Petra Eckhart.

There are two regular jazz events at the Rietveld.


On the second Sunday of each month Bram Stoeken presides over an evening of free-form, unstructured jazz. Bram is the moving force behind the annual Delft Jazz Festival [ibid] which takes place throughout the town over three days in August. The Rietveld event is a very informal evening to which there is free admission. Usually half a dozen or so local musicians turn up and take it in turns to improvise short solos or play a duet with another member of the fraternity.


DeJazz takes place on the third Sunday of each month, also with free admission, and the jazz is more melodic, based on the well established modern jazz repertoire. Run by harmonica player Tinus Koorn, DeJazz finds its participants from a different part of what appears to be an enormous pool of jazz musicians in Delft. On the night I was there Tinus was joined by regulars Bas Boon on piano and Petra Eckhard and Erik Albjerg who shared duties on the string bass. They are all excellent musicians but the playing of Tinus was outstanding and beautiful. I have known a lot of blues harp players in my time and it can sometimes be a bit tedious for them having to carry round a bag full of the tiny Hohner instruments, one in each of the musical keys. Tinus only has one harmonica, in the key of C, but with it manages to play in any key required. He also did a stint as vocalist with the inevitable St James Infirmary.   

Michael Hasted  21st June 2017



Rietveld 49

2611 LH Delft