JAZZ IN DE GRACHT on Bierkade in Den Haag

Hot on the heels of the similar festival in Delft last weekend Jazz in de Gracht (literally Jazz in the Canal) is held annually in the picturesque canals of The Hague.

Located along the bar and restaurant lined Bierkade canal in the city centre it takes place over three days on the last weekend of August each year and has become one of the city’s most popular events. The narrow quays on both sides of the canal are filled with small stages, trestle tables, temporary bars and myriad food concessions to create a real carnival atmosphere.

Although the beer and food are in very plentiful supply the jazz is harder to come by. Although one can hear it alright there is virtually nothing to see as one winds one’s way through the throng. There are two or three bands playing it any one time but they are all on barges on the canal and as the water level is a good couple of meters below the quay you’ll see nothing unless you are standing or sitting right on the edge. Pity, but nonetheless are really good event where a good time is had by one and all.