Jukebox Museum De Panne collection under the hammer

On 24th February the world-famous collection of Jukebox Museum De Panne will be auctioned by The Dutch Auction Company in Tilburg. This auction includes more than 100 jukeboxes, various wallboxes and numerous accessories from leading brands such as Wurlitzer, Seeburg, AMI, Rock-Ola, NSM and Tonomat. The entire collection can be seen during the special viewing days on 22nd-24th February.

The Dutch Auction Company is a Netherlands-based auction house with 40 years of experience, founded by Richard Singh and Retonio Breitenmoser. The first auction was organized in 1980, and the auction house has since held auctions in America, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Switzerland. Singh explains: “We search the world for rare and unique collectibles. We have several customers all over the world. Think of dealers, collectors, museum owners and enthusiasts. They come to us for help with buying, selling and refining their collection.”

Collection Jukebox Museum De Panne

For years, the Jukebox Museum De Panne in Belgium was known as one of the largest jukebox and radio collections in Europe. The private collection of collector Geert Olieu includes well-known showpieces such as the Wurlitzer 2100 and Rock-Ola Tempo 2 model 1478, as well as rare jukeboxes from Mills, Packard, United and European brands such as Bergman and Jupiter. The museum was supposed to become a tourist attraction in Ostend, but closed its doors due to low visitor numbers.