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Oude Delft 210


Open two weekends a year.

The KunstKamer in Delft is an initiative of four art lovers.

They joined forces and together organize an exhibition twice a year in a sixteenth-century canal house in the center of Delft.

The special location is located at Oude Delft 210. It is a national monument with numerous historical details; the dining room, the living room and the vestibule are decorated with hand-painted wallpaper. This whole building creates a surprising atmosphere. In this unique, intimate setting, art gets an extra dimension.

Every time, a palette of art forms is presented in collaboration with various artists. They strive for a surprising combination of complementary objects: visual arts, ceramics, photography, jewelry and much more, both inside and outside.

The Art Room offers a low-threshold way to experience high-quality art differently than in a gallery or museum. The homely setting in this special building brings art closer to the public, which is treated to a total experience.

If possible, the artists are present at regular intervals, so that you can get to know them.