LITERATURE and CHILDREN’S BOOK MUSEUM (Literatuurmuseum/Kinderboekenmuseum), Den Haag

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Prins Willem-Alexanderhof 5
2595 BE Den Haag

070-333 96 66


Together with the Children’s Book Museum, the Literature Museum is part of the Dutch Literature Museum and Literature Archive Foundation (NLL Foundation), formerly the Literary Museum and Documentation Center. The foundation manages the literary treasury of the Netherlands. Virtually all Dutch writers and illustrators are represented with manuscripts, letters, children’s book illustrations, painted and drawn portraits, photographs and many other unique documents and objects. The archive is available to researchers, journalists, cinemas, etc., and displays documents and objects in exhibitions. In addition, the museum is part of the boards of various literary organizations, including the P.C. Foundation. Hooft Prize for Literature, the Jan Campert Foundation and the Willem Kloosfonds.