Preview of MEDEA at Theatre Rotterdam Schouwburg Grote Zaal

5th & 6th October.

“Weird game of Marieke Heebink”  The Volkskrant Anna (Marieke Heebink) tries to get her life back on track. After a failed attempt to poison Lucas poison and her recovery in psychiatry, she is determined to bring her family back together. She wants Lucas to forgive his affair with young Clara and do everything she can to build a new future together.

Soon her expectations do not appear to be in line with those of the people around her. Everything she dearly threatens to lose: her husband, her children and her career. What should have been a rebirth will be a descent in the darkness of her mind.

Director Simon Stone rewrites Medea to a recognizable, contemporary context. The director maintains the contours of the piece of Euripides, but wondering who the Greeks would be from then in our present society. He worked with the actors from improvisations and developed a new text of double soils and tragic misunderstandings. Underneath the surface and the humor, emotions and violence shine. Marieke Heebink received the Theo d’Or 2015 for her interpretation of Anna.


“Already, her desperately desperate desperation causes her desperate despair. Heartbreaking. ” (Trouw  ★★★★)