20th – 22nd  April.

The live-streams consist of Impasse by Johan Inger and The Big Crying by Marco Goecke.

Downtime is an important theme of Impasse. Choreographer Johan Inger shows how peer pressure stands in the way of individual development. However, the elaboration of this idea is far from distant. Fluid movements and infectious rhythms in the young dancers of NDT 2 not only provide moments of isolation, but also comical relief. Impasse premiered in March 2020, shortly before all theaters had to close their doors due to the corona measures and the tour was canceled. Many people had to miss this ballet because of this. Now, on the We Haven’t Said Enough livestreams, they get the chance to see this catchy, energetic work.

The Big Crying is perhaps the most personal work of choreographer Marco Goecke. He started it in the fall of 2020, shortly after his father’s death. A piece about parting, about bodies like faltering motorcycles and costumes like the curtains of a hearse. At the same time, the nineteen dancers celebrate, in the face of transience, fiery passion for life and the joy of life. The Big Crying had its world premiere on 18th March as a live stream. The reactions from the press and the public were overwhelming. De Volkskrant, for example, gave it five stars: “It’s wonderful how Goecke captures an unfathomable emotion of fresh mourning versus clumsy compassion … You can also simply enjoy this barrage of cramped, angular, drumming explosions of movement.” Now everyone gets – by popular request – again or still the chance to enjoy this overwhelming, emotional work. 

The performances from the Zuiderstrandtheater in The Hague can be followed exclusively on ndt.nl. The ticket price is fifteen euros.