Nederlands Dans Theater New Season – SIDE A: SPLIT INTO ONE

Until 16th December.

NDT 1 opens the 2017/2018 season with a double programme: a diptych, as it were, that underlines the poetry of the company’s pure dance qualities in Side A: Split into One, and its theatrical abilities in Side B: Adrift. From September 22nd until December 16th, the program Side A: Split into One tours through the Netherlands. Side B: Adrift tours from October 5th to 21st December.

The top-rated, world-renowned NDT 1 has been expanded with six new members and consists of 27 dancers in the upcoming season. The new members include Alice Godfrey (South Africa, former dancer with NDT 2), Madoka Kariya (Japan, former dancer with NDT 2), Alexander Anderson (USA, former dancer with NDT 2), Paxton Ricketts (Canada, former dancer with NDT 2), Christie Partelow (USA) and Sebastian Kristensen Haynes (USA).


Side A: Split into One

Edward Clug | Medhi Walerski | Sol León & Paul Lightfoot

Side A: Split into One consists of three world premieres, bringing together the power and poetry of pure movement. The audience will be treated to choreographic voices that illustrate that sheer beauty in dance can endlessly tell compelling stories. Edward Clug will create his first work for NDT 1, which will further establish his prominent place in the Dutch modern dance world. He debuted at Nederlands Dans Theater with mutual comfort (2015) for NDT 2. For his creation Handman (2016), Clug received a nomination for the prestigious Benois de la Danse.

Medhi Walerski’s most recent piece for NDT 1, GARDEN (2016), was received with critical acclaim. Leidsch Dagblad wrote: “There is a tender magnificence in Walerski’s gestures that are modestly on the surface yet bring a slight glow.”

Sol León and Paul Lightfoot, NDT’s house choreographers since 2002, will complete the evening with a new creation. In their practice, the research of human relationships is an inexhaustible source of inspiration.


Performance Dates

22nd to 24th Sept:        Zuiderstrandtheater, The Hague,

28th Sep – 1st Oct:      Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam,

10th Oct:                    Theaters Tilburg,

12th Oct:                     Chassé Theater, Breda,

18th Oct:                     Schouwburg Rotterdam ,

7th Dec:                      Stadsschouwburg Utrecht,

9th Dec:                     Stadsschouwburg Nijmegen

16th Dec:                   Stadschouwburg Groningen.


Side B: Adrift

Gabriela Carrizo | Franck Chartier

The work of Gabriela Carrizo and Franck Chartier requires tremendous physical strength of the dancers. In the Side B: Adrift, existing pieces The missing door (2014) by Carrizo and The lost room (2015) by Chartier are complemented with a new piece by Chartier, resulting in a trilogy that strongly underlines NDT’s powerful theatrical character.

In The missing door, Carrizo interweaves fantasy and reality and shows them as two parallel dimensions. We witness the last minutes of a life that play in the twilight between life and death.

For The lost room, Chartier received the prestigious 2016 Zwaan (Swan) award for the most impressive dance production. In continuation of Carrizo’s work, Chartier created a choreography for NDT 1 that shows how current and future events can impact the past, retrieve memories and our ability to remember.


Performance Dates

5th and 7th Oct:        Zuiderstrandtheater, The Hague,

10th Oct:                   De Spiegel, Zwolle,

12th Oct:                   De Harmonie, Leeuwarden,

18th and 19thOct:     Stadsschouwburg, Amsterdam,

7thDec:                    Parktheater Eindhoven,

9th Dec:                   Parkstad Limburg Theater, Heerlen,

19th to 21th Dec:      Zuiderstrandtheater, The Hague



From September 22nd to 26th November, a multimedia exhibition about Jiří Kylián will be on display at the Zuiderstrandtheater in the context of the Celebrating Kylián! festival that is held this year in honor of the maestro’s 70th birthday. The history of Jiří Kylián is inextricably linked to Nederlands Dans Theater. The exhibition therefore aims to show a glimpse of the rich and NDT- determining oeuvre of the master choreographer. With videos, photos and a specially designed hologram, visitors get the chance to see his work up close and discover the man behind the magic. The exhibition is available for free during the opening hours of the Zuiderstrandtheater in combination with a performance visit.