New European Ensemble DEFRAME at Kunst Museum Den Haag

23rd & 24th February.

New European Ensemble presents a 3D tribute to MC Escher: Optical Illusions in Image and Music.

New European Ensemble, DEFRAME and Kunstmuseum Den Haag combine the power of illusion, music and image in Metamorphoses: A Musical Journey into the World of MC Escher. The performances will take place during the exhibition Escher – Other world .

Optical illusions, dream worlds and impossible architecture. The work of Maurits Cornelis Escher is known and loved worldwide. To mark this artist’s birthday, the New European Ensemble, collective of visual artists DEFRAME and composer Vlad Maistorovici have joined forces to create a program that combines Escher’s art with music. Live, music-responsive 3D animations from DEFRAME will link Escher’s thoughts to music, with a fascinating result. 

A new work by the Romanian composer Vlad Maistorovici, a warm homage to the 2nd Metamorphosis and Maistorovici’s post-Weber arrangement of Bach’s canons, whose mathematical character seamlessly links up with Escher’s work, are part of the programme. You will also hear Spiegel im Spiegel by Arvo Pärt, which reflects Escher’s work. 

‘Escher’s legacy has a major influence on my artistic development as a composer. This, combined with the visual power of DEFRAME and the musical craftsmanship of the NEuE, creates a unique sum. A total work of art that shows Escher’s ideas in a new way.’ Vlad Maistorovici, composer and conductor.

‘Escher’s work is iconic for every visual artist. He was way ahead of his time. Thanks to modern 3D projection techniques, we can bring the spirit of his work to the present with beautiful live music. Escher’s work is so mathematical in nature that it lends itself fantastically as a source of inspiration for new digital art.’ Caroline Teunisse, DEFRAME