OLD ROOTS NEW ROUTES – Hindustani blues by Raj Mohan & Ensemble

February – October 2021.

Old Roots New Routes 2021 kicks off via live stream with Hindustani blues by Raj Mohan & Ensemble.

Postponed last year due to corona, Dutch Delta Sounds now presents the continuation of the concert series Old Roots New Routes, with new crossovers from musicians who have roots elsewhere and are breaking new ground here. 

During this third edition the audience is once again introduced to exceptional semi-acoustic formations and artists. Besides singer-songwriter Raj Mohan, the program includes: the Mozaiek Ensemble with singer Mireille Bittar, Boi Akih with singer Monica Akihary, composer, guitarist Patricio Wang with writer Marja Vuijsje and trio Reijseger Sylla Fraanje. If necessary, the concerts will be combined with live streaming. 

The musicians are largely rooted in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and South America. While retaining their own musical traditions, they flourished here. In collaboration with kindred spirits from the Netherlands they are striking out in new directions from their old roots. 

The concerts in Amsterdam and Utrecht are introduced by an interview with the artists. Afterwards there is, depending on the situation, an opportunity to talk with the musicians. For dates and detailed information on the concerts: see bottom of this message.

About Old Roots New Routes

We hardly realize it. The Netherlands has an undiscovered musical domain, barely visible or audible in the mainstream media. Because of our colonial past and position as a migrant country, artists from all corners of the world have settled here in recent decades. In this way a musical multi-current country has emerged on the North Sea. This is how a cosmopolitan sound garden has flourished in our four major cities, each home to some 200 different nationalities. This global cross-pollination has led to a new musical idiom on a local level: ‘Dutch delta sounds’.  

With the series Old Roots New Routes, that new sound was given an ideal stage in Amsterdam’s Amstelkerk from 2017. An intimate ambiance where semi-acoustic concerts resonate clearly and musicians can profile themselves optimally. Fascinated, the audience was introduced to instruments like the West African kora and the Arabic ud, with oriental scales and unsuspected soundscapes. Besides Amsterdam (Amstelkerk /De Duif) there will also be concerts in Utrecht (Tivoli/Vredenburg) and Grootschermer (Podium onder de Toren). 

Photo by Navin

Concert dates Old Roots New Routes 2021 (*)

Thu 18 Feb Raj Mohan & Ensemble (SR/DE/NL) live stream (free) TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht 

Sat 20 March Mozaiek Ensemble (SY) Amstelkerk, Amsterdam

Fri 09 April Boi Akih (ID/NL/ GN/HU) Amstelkerk, Amsterdam

Sat 01 May Patricio Wang & Ensemble with Marja Vuijsje (CL/NL) 

De Duif, Amsterdam

Wed 05 May Patricio Wang & Ensemble with Marja Vuijsje (CL/NL)

TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht  

Sat 02 Oct Reijseger Sylla Fraanje (NL/SE)  Podium onder de Toren, Grootschermer

(new date)

za 09 October Raj Mohan & Ensemble (SR/DE/NL)  Amstelkerk, Amsterdam

(new date)

(*) All concerts are in accordance with the current Covid-19 guidelines. 

Changes in concert dates are therefore reserved. Check the website oldrootsnewroutes.nl for updates!

Tickets and updates: www.oldrootsnewroutes.nl