Portrait Photography of Iconic Women of the Floriculture Industry

Tulpen NU presents Portrait Photography of Iconic Women of the Floriculture Industry with flower collars by Marieke Treffers. On show from 17th December at Museum De Zwarte Tulp in Lisse and available as a 2023 Calendar.

This extraordinary fine art photo project shows women of the floriculture industry with collars made from their own flowers. Marjolein van Ruiten and fine art photographer Marieke Treffers have been looking for women working in this industry to be part of this project since the spring of 2021. The goal, to create twelve extraordinary portraits which show the diversity of the floriculture industry in a new way. The pictures are presented in the order in with the flowers bloom. From the 17th December the Museum De Zwarte Tulp presents the portraits made by Marieke Treffers as part of the exhibition Tulpen Nu until the end of February.

Joyce Lansbergen (CEO L.G. Flowers): “I think it’s very important to show the value of women in floriculture and I would like to contribute as an inspiration for young girls to enter the industry and give it their own twist.

Participants of the photo shoots: Iconic Women of the Floriculture Industry with flower collars

January: hyacinths: Leonie Hogervorst – Gebr. Hogervorst, Noordwijkerhout
February: gerbera’s: Joyce Lansbergen – L.G. Flowers,Pijnacker
March: daffodils: Ilse Pennings – P. Pennings, Noordwijkerhout
April: tulips: Marriet van der Vlugt – C. van der Vlugt & ZN, Noordwijkerhout
May: peonies: Therese de Roon – Bloemenkwekerij M. de Roon, Mijnsheerenland
June: canna’s: Monique van Haaster, Van Haaster Canna’s, De Zilk
July: scabious: Sandra van der Hulst, Hulst Wiranda, Voorhout
August:agapanthus: Bianca van Eijk – Eijco Flowers BV, Pijnacker
September:gladioli: Carolien de Ridder, De Ridder Bloemen en Bloembollenkwekerij, Noordwijkerhout
Oktober: dahlia’s: Anja Jansze, De Tulperij, Voorhout
November:calla’s: Anna Kortekaas Zarek, Kallaland BV, Voorhout
December: sonatini’s: Geertje Langeveld – Firma WF Leenen, Voorhout

Short biography of Marieke Treffers

Fine Art photographer Marieke Treffers specializes in special fine art portrait photography and has extensive experience in portraying women with special flower collars. Marieke comes from a family of bulb growers (from her mother’s side: the Hoog family, nursery van Tubergen on the Leidsevaart in Haarlem). She grew up between the greenhouses and the bulb sheds, where the love of bulbs got under her skin and never went away.

Marieke made the flower collars in advance. The women would then take their own flowers to the photoshoot, where Marieke secured the flowers to the collars. Each collar has been tailored to the portrayed woman, so it matched her character and preferences.

Inspiration for the Flower Collars project with women from the flower and bulb sector.

Marjolein’s inspiration for the project came from the calendar “the DNA of the bulb region” of KAVB and Flower Science. The men – including her father Aad van Ruiten – were beautifully portrayed. And Marjolein wondered “What would it be like to make women in the sector visible in a new way?”

Marjolein van Ruiten comes from a flower bulb growing family in Noordwijkerhout. Since 2011, she has been working as a press specialist for the Dutch music sector. She previously initiated the christening of the Tulipa Matangi for the Matangi Quartet that performed at the Flower Parade of the Bollenstreek (2010) and did audience recruitment & PR for the performance Tulpmania van de Veenfabriek that took place at flower bulb exporter Moolenaar in Voorhout (2015). About the flower collar photo project she maintains contact with, among others, Greenport Duin en Bollenstreek, Vier de Lente, KAVB, LTO Noord, Flora Holland about the goal: the publication of the photos of the members in the form of a birthday calendar.


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