RADIUS Contemporary art and ecology

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RADIUS  Center for Contemporary Art and Ecology

Kalverbos 20
2611 XW Delft
The Netherlands


RADIUS is a center for contemporary art and ecology. It are located in the city of Delft and stationed in the pump house and water basin belonging to the Delft water tower, a historical monument and architectural landmark. With five hundred square meters of subterranean exhibition space, our program is dedicated to the intersection of art, science and ecology. The name RADIUS is based on the circular geometry of our exhibition space. In a more poetic sense, the radius of each circle in our program serves to jointly develop a more grounded understanding of our shared living environment.

The art center’s location in Delft, with proximity to some of the world’s leading scientific institutions, provides an opportunity for us to focus on collaborations between disciplines. In addition to a continuous and accessible exhibition program, we offer an educational public program of lectures, performances, screenings, workshops and seminars, for a more specialized audience as well as for primary, secondary and higher education students.

RADIUS is located in the pump house with a water basin that was built in 1918-1919 adjacent to the water tower from 1895-1896. RADIUS is located on the site of the former municipal cemetery (1829-1874), the current Kalverbos, and is part of the protected cityscape of Delft. The water tower complex—consisting of a water tower, pump house and water basin—has been listed as a national monument since 2002.

Photo by and © Michael Hasted