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Eendrachtsstraat 8
3012 XL Rotterdam

tel: 010 – 414 24 14

As the most long-standing dance company in the Netherlands, Scapino Ballet Rotterdam is at the forefront of Holland’s internationally renowned dance culture. Scapino is renowned for large, thematic productions, often accompanied by live music: innovative, entertaining and featuring talented dancers. With productions such as Le Chat Noir, The Great Bean and Pearl’, artistic director Ed Wubbe has created his own unique genre, a dance idiom melding art, artistic entertainment and crossovers with compelling themes.

In addition to the large-scale productions by Ed Wubbe, Scapino Ballet Rotterdam also presents shorter dance pieces by talented young choreographers such Marcos Morau and in-house choreographers Felix Landerer, Itamar Serussi Sahar and Fang-Yu Shen.