Spuikwartier – work starts on Den Haag’s new cultural centre.

On 21st June construction work began on The Hague’s new educational and cultural complex (OCC) after 8 years of planning and discussions. Situated right in the centre of the city the building will be home for four leading music and dance organisations will make their home there.

The development of the OCC is important for the cultural heart of The Hague. The centre for music and dance will be a stage for and belonging to the city. Music, dance, education, talent development and participation will all come together in a unique building.


The cultural organisations which will programme music and dance performances as of 2020 are the:

Residentie Orkest

Nederlands Dans Theater

stichting Dans- en Muziekcentrum

Royal Conservatoire

Building design

The design by Jo Coenen and Patrick Fransen has 4 halls which can accommodate 200 to 2,500 visitors. There is also room for educational facilities, public spaces and a city cafe.


On 21 June the cultural organisations, Cadanz building consortium and the municipal administration together gave the starting signal by projecting an image of the cultural centre on a large screen. This is how the Spuiplein should look in the future: lively and green.

Work will be carried out in the coming months on the foundation of the building. As of the end of 2017 the work will shift more to above the ground and the contours of the building will start to take shape.

Development of Spuikwartier area

The area around the building and the development of the Spuikwartier will be further elaborated in the autumn of 2017. The Spuikwartier will get a mixture of homes, catering establishments, a hotel and shops.

More information

You can find more information at www.denhaag.nl/spuikwartier. You can also subscribe to the newsletter (in Dutch) on the construction of the Spuikwartier.