The 49th International Poetry Festival in Rotterdam

First visit – 29th May.

For poetry lovers and indeed language lovers in general – this is a festival not to be missed. Inspired by the London Poetry International Festival, it was begun almost half a century ago by Adriaan van der Staay and Martin Mooij. Since the first gathering of 23 international poets at the Doelen concert building in Rotterdam, 48 years ago, the Poetry International Foundation has expanded its activities to include National Poetry Day in the Netherlands and Flanders, the Children’s Poetry Festival, the Poetry Day prizes and the Poetry Day anthology and many other events. . . Click on picture for full review

Final day of the Poetry International Festival in the Trompenburg Gardens, Rotterdam.

One could not have ordered a more idyllic setting for the final poetry readings of the 49th Poetry International festival, than the one we enjoyed in the Trompenburg Gardens yesterday. Under the branches of an oak, clear blue sky overhead,  soft green grass underfoot, a crowd of 30 or more gathered to listen to the voices of Marie de Quatrebarbes (France), Dolores Dorantes (Mexico), Joost Baars (the Netherlands) and Nachoem M. Wijnberg (the Netherlands) read selected poems. . . . Click on picture for full review