THE DEPOT at Museum Boijmans van Beuningen

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Museumpark 24,

3015 CX Rotterdam

Tel. 010 441 9400

With the main museum next door being closed until 2025 for major renovation the bad news is that all art works have been put in storage. The good news is that the storage facility is open to the public. This amazing mirror covered bowl contains the Boijmans complete collection as well has having an amazing roof garden.

In its first year more than a quarter of a million people have visited the award winning Rotterdam icon.

Opened on 5th November by King Willem the reflective depot in the centre of Rotterdam was seen throughout the world as a new type of public place; the workplace behind the exhibition room. The idea is clear: in the depot, the visitor experiences the world behind the scenes of the museum.

Photo by and © Michael Hasted 2021

Here a few facts from its first year

250,161 visitors 

6 education programmes 

385 visits by schools 

14,063 schoolchildren dropped by 

101 trucks with art visited the loading bay 

55,432 objects were moved for exhibitions, treatments, outgoing loans and returning loans. 

80 objects packed for travel 

280 objects returned to the depot 

310 donations gratefully received 

161 people performed yoga on the roof of the Depot 

171 RET employees and family paid a visit 

1664 outdoor mirrors cleaned three times 

5,677,940 square metres mopped 

400,000 litres of rainwater flushed down the WCs 

1129 mirrors have already been adopted 

Photo by and © Michael Hasted 2021