THE LONG ROAD TO COME – A film about the Dutch band Sunfire

SUNFIRE – Photo by Gonnoponnetje Fotografie

Maria Kirova and Marina Margallo are preparing a film on the Dutch band Sunfire, a Western Folk band based in Den Haag. Both are students from the CampusDoc program at Hogeschool Utrecht.

They are crowdfunding the project on CineCrowd to bring this story to life. The premiere will be in Filmhuis in Den Haag the 31st January.

The Long Road to Come is the story of Sunfire, a Western Folk band from the Netherlands trying to break into the music industry in spite of the obstacles in their path.

Sunfire is more than a band, it´s a family. In the documentary we explore the ways in which the intimate relationships between the bandmates help them grow and succeed, but also how this can cause challenges.  

In this documentary we dive deep into their world, experiencing what it takes to be an artist in today’s society. You will get to see and understand their passion, their craft and what keeps them going. 

But to bring this story to life, we have to be realistic. To create this film requires filming equipment, travel costs, specialists such as colour graders and sound engineers…But also, many other logistical aspects that will help us to present it on the big screen at film festivals and our own premiere in February.

Sunfire is growing exponentially in the music industry and winning the hearts of festival bookers, the press and most importantly the audience.

This is their moment, this is them going up the rollercoaster before the big loop, and this is why we feel the need and urgency to document this process now. 

We want you to be a part of this story, to live this singular moment with the band, and with us, the filmmakers. To see them become bigger and bigger… And to dive into the world of a group of musicians that, with all their passion and hope, share one common goal: To be heard. 

Directors and Producers: 

Maria Kirova is an undergraduate Media and Communication student based in the United Kingdom. She started out as a photographer but soon developed her passion for film and now making the documentary Long Road To Come together with Marina Margallo.

Marina Margallo is an undergraduate Film and TV student based in Madrid, Spain. She started with narrative and fiction and later got a craving to explore the narrative within reality. Now she is making the documentary Long Road to Come with her partner Maria Kirova. 

The Band:

Satria Karsono, Founder and frontman

Sophie Zaaijer, violin

Berend de Vries, guitar and sound engineer

Jeroun van Leeuwen, drums

Michel Beeckman, bass

Bianca Dekker, manager and booker.

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