The Sixteen Finalists for RIDCC have been announced

Sixteen international choreographers have now been selected for the Rotterdam International Duet Choreography Competition which will take place on 20th – 23rd June.

The time has come! We get to announce this year’s selection. From more than 300 applications, sixteen duets have been selected to showcase their talent on stage during RIDCC. The pre-jury had a challenging task to come to a selection, but came to a decision! Among the selected duets we count 12 nationalities from all over the world. RIDCC takes place at Theater Rotterdam, where talented choreographers compete for promising prizes. The grand prize, made possible by Stichting Droom en Daad and Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, consists of a production budget worth €100,000; the largest and most unique dance award in the world.

Stunning selection of duets
From the 324 entries, the professional jury selected 16 contestants for the dance competition. The selected participants are:

  • Jeremy Alberge (FR)
  • Tu Hoang & Hiro Murata (NL/JP)
  • Ayako Takahashi (JP)
  • Jordan Johnson & Aidan Carberry (USA/USA)
  • Shane Tyler Urton (USA/IT)
  • Alessandra Ruggeri (IT)
  • Andrea Costanzo Martini (IT)
  • Milena Ugren Koulas (CY/RS)
  • Gianni Notarnicola & Billy Barry (USA/IT)
  • Omani Ormskirk (NL)
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  • Kim Min (KR)
  • Carla Cervantes Caro & Sandra Egido Ibañez (ES/ES)
  • Candelaria Antelo & Arthur Bernard-Bazin (AR/FR)
  • Nicolás Gatica & Victor Morales (CL/CL)
  • Antonin Comestaz (FR)

Maya Roest and Mischa van Leeuwen, founders and artistic directors of RIDCC, about the selection process and the sixth edition: “This year RIDCC will have his 6th edition, we are proud to say that in recent years RIDCC has developed into the largest choreography competition in the world! With a growing international presence in Asia and North-America, and even this year the first participants from South America, RIDCC remains committed to reaching all continents. Besides a competition with wonderful prizes, this edition offers a total experience for the 16 selected choreographers, with master classes, workshops and networking events. The audience can look forward to three evenings full of stunning short duets from around the world, taking you on a journey through different cultures and dance styles. From Asia to South America, the 6th edition of RIDCC brings a global experience to the stage. Don’t miss this unique journey and be enchanted by the diversity and creativity of the international choreographers. On Schouwburgplein, visitors can also enjoy RIDCC Brings Back, with performances by the first XL Production Award winners Danae & Dionysios. June can’t come soon enough!”

Three festive evenings in Theater Rotterdam

On Thursday, June 20 and Friday, June 21, the 16 duets will be shown on stage. A jury of international repute will decide which choreographers will advance to the grand finale on Saturday, June 22. During this spectacular finale, the winner of the XL Production Award will be announced. Partners of RIDCC, including Het Nationale Ballet, Club Guy & Roni and MiR Dance Company, will choose the winners of the Partner Awards from among all 16 participants. The audience will also play an important role during the evening, as they will vote and decide which talented choreographer will receive the Audience Award.