THEA VOS in The Hague

THEA VOS – Reveries. Sometimes Together, but Mostly Alone

at Goldrotschwartz Art House in The Hague.

Now residing in the Netherlands Goldrotschwartz is more than happy and proud to present a Dutch artist for the first time: THEA VOS

The unique work of Dutch artist Thea Vos is influenced by emotion. 

Fascinated by emotion as a universal fact – regardless of culture, race and Zeitgeist. In her paintings, people and animals are represented in a variety of ways. Sometimes alone, often several figures on one canvas. “People stare at you, whether in their nudity or not. They seem soulless, lonely and their words fall silent”. 

Thea Vos uses a wide variety of materials and different screen printing and transmission techniques to create depth, sharpness and blurriness in the image. To express past and desire. 

By painting away parts of the work or adding new elements, the artist literally “bites off” the subject. Layer after layer. Until only that is left that really matters.

Thea Vos`paintings have already been shown and exhibited across Europe and can now be admired in our current exhibition from 1st – 30th September.