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Theater aan het Spui

Spui 187
2511 BN Den Haag

Telefoon: (070) 346 52 72

Theater aan het Spui is a medium-sized theatre located in the cultural heart of The Hague. Theater het Spui wants to exceed boundaries and amaze you. Come and enjoy a theatre or dance performance and some of the many festivals which take place in the theatre including CaDance, Holland Dance Festival and Writers Unlimited. Most activities start around 20:15 hours. In the bar, usually art work from young temporary artists in displayed, which you can enjoy along with a drink.

A number of theatre and dance companies perform regularly in the Theater aan het Spui. Examples include Van Houts en De Ket, Mugmetdegoudetand, Orkater, Ballet van Leth, Oostpool and Carver. The theate is wheelchair accessible. Theater aan het Spui will take your needs into consideration if you make these known when reserving your tickets.