ZERP Galerie, Rotterdam

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ZERP Galerie
Van Oldenbarneveltstraat 120A
3012 GV Rotterdam

+31 (0) 10 8 46 37 30

Located in the center of Rotterdam, ZERP Galerie aims to guide contemporary artists in an early stage of their development. Good collaboration between artist and gallery is considered crucial for making dynamic and interesting exhibitions. The gallery is built around our main artists, which are (inter) nationally renowned and are a step further in their career. We are conscious about bringing together artists of the main and upcoming categories to enable the exchange of knowledge and ideas. In order to support the interaction between different artists, ZERP Gallery represents artists from various artistic disciplines. Both the painting, performance, photography, sculpture and video art are represented by the gallery. Balancing on the thin line between the trusted and the unknown, we strive for new ways of presenting to bring our artist to a public audience.

ZERP Galerie is committed to supporting contemporary artists from early on in their development and career. We recognize the interest of collaboration between artist and gallery, to be successful in developing exciting and dynamic exhibitions. The core of the gallery was built around our main artists, who are (inter) nationally famous and are a step forward in their artistic career. We consciously choose to stimulate our leading and emerging artists to stimulate the exchange of ideas.

In order to allow for lively interaction between the artists, the gallery is represented by various artistic disciplines. Painting and performance as well as photography, sculpture and video are present, because we believe in the sensory experience of each specific medium. Balancing at the thin line between the familiar and the unexpected, we search for new ways to present our artists to a broad public.


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Out of Focus  June/July 2017