There is nothing so nice as stalls offering attractive, colourful wares on a lovely summer’s day. The Agathaplein in Delft, in the shade of its old trees, sitting as it does surrounded by Delft’s historic Prinsenhof and the old convent garden, was the perfect stage for the many ceramic artists coming not only from the Netherlands, but also from Belgium and England.

The 2018 PAPER BIENNALE at Museum Rijswijk

Paper is and always has been at the centre of our lives, now and in the past. Its fragility belies its capacity for survival of wars and flames when stone and metal have long been destroyed. It has outlasted papyrus and vellum. Fold it and it produces light and shade, coat it and it becomes hard . . .

ALL YOU CAN ART at the Kunsthal in Rotterdam

This summer the Kunsthal will host ‘All you can Art’. Every day all our visitors will have an opportunity to join the artists in making art according to the master-apprentice principle in the All you can Art 3 studios, exhibition and Summer School.

WAYNE THIEBAUD at the Museum Voorlinden in The Hague

The main source of Thiebaud’s inspiration, one might even say, salivating obsession, is food. Not good, healthy wholesome food but cakes, ice-cream and pre-MacDonalds American fast-food – the ubiquitous hot-dog. His breakthrough picture was the 1961 boldly painted still-life of triangular slices of pies

RADICAL SOFTWARE Gallery West in The Hague

The Raindance Foundation, Media Ecology and Video Art. This summer, The Hague Gallery West presents an extensive overview of both their video and written work. The exhibition was first produced by ZKM Center for Art and Media, but fits seamlessly in West’s programming.

WORLD PRESS PHOTO 2018 in Amsterdam

Created in 1955 as an international contest launched by a group of Dutch photographers, it is now recognised as the main event that demonstartes the importance of photojournalism worldwide . . . The first prize of this year goes to Venezuelan photojournalist Ronaldo Schemidt