THEA VOS in The Hague

at Goldrotschwartz Art House.

Reveries. Sometimes Together, but Mostly Alone.

Fascinated by emotion as a universal fact – regardless of culture, race and Zeitgeist. In her paintings, people and animals are represented in a variety of ways. Sometimes alone, often several figures on one canvas.

Dutch writer wins the International Booker Prize

28-year-old literary sensation Marieke Lucas Rijneveld has become the first Dutch writer to win the INTERNATIONAL BOOKER PRIZE with her novel THE DISCOMFORT OF EVENING. The £50,000 prize is shared between the author and the translator, Michele Hutchison.

Music, Dance & Poetry at the FRAGILE PRESENT in The Hague

Sunny Court is one of many hidden gardens tucked away for delighted discovery here in the Hague. On a summery Saturday afternoon, in a small sunlit clearing we gathered to see an outdoor performance involving music, dance and poetry. Created during lockdown, it was aptly named The Fragile Present