MOJO BACKSTAGE at Museum Prinsenhof in Delft

Dutch Masters of the Music Industry.

This beautifully designed show creates an immersive environment by using videos, posters, many of which provide the floor covering, a virtual reality room and lots more besides . . .

Nevenwerk II by The Ives Ensemble at the Korzo in The Hague

Although the Korzo is one of the Netherlands’, if not Europe’s, major players in the presentation and promotion of contemporary dance, it also provides a forum for some innovative and exciting new music. Last night the superb Ives Ensemble presented Nevenwerk II . . .

René Jacobs re-brands his art gallery and studio in Delft

Formerly known as the Galerie Kunstkop, artist René Jacobs his rebranded and relaunched his gallery in Delft’s Nieuwe Langendijk as ART JACOBS. The gallery is also his studio and visitors are always welcome to come in and watch him at work.
Hopefully you will find in his gallery the same thing René Jacobs is seeking: inspiration.

VOIX LIBRES Petit Théâtre Français at the Korzo in The Hague

The use of irony and exaggeration when talking about left and right wing politics worked extremely well in order to show nonsensical division preventing synergy and problem solving cooperation. Many issues raised during the performance are easily applicable to today’s creative practices and polarising political views.