BLOSSOM at Garage Rotterdam

Garage Rotterdam’s latest exhibition, Blossom, makes you re-evaluate what you thought computer art was. The dominant perception of computer art is that it is novel, mechanical, digital. But the artworks in this exhibition are physical – and at times extremely colourful – entities. The exhibition was organised in close collaboration with the Contemporary Art Museum in Zagreb, Croatia.

HERE WE LIVE AND NOW 2018 at The Korzo in The Hague

There is something really nice about this event at the Korzo. The house is full of people from the local dance scene and everybody seems to know everybody else. Subtitled The Hague Dances! this joint production between the Korzo and the NDT attracts colleagues, friends and family…

WILLIAM THE SILENT IS HERE at the Prinsenhof Museum in Delft

This beautifully designed and curated exhibition takes us through the life and times of the man who is considered The Father of the Netherlands. Taking up most of the rooms in the museum there are paintings, artifacts and documents portraying events up to and beyond his assassination

GODS OF ANCIENT EGYPT at the National Museum of Antiquities, Leiden

Gods of Ancient Egypt, is really fascinating. The exhibition gives an idea of the many, many deities which were worshiped over time. It shows how religious ideas evolved and caused roles of gods to somewhat change over centuries. It explains the various gods and their roles in Egyptian lives, over centuries.

BORDERS at the Koninklijke Schouwburg – Paradijs in The Hague

First and foremost it is good theatre. The writing is immaculate and totally engages the audience, the simple presentation is effective and, above all, we witnessed virtuoso performances from the two young actors . . . Borders is a production of which everyone involved should be proud.