ETEL ADNAN at the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

The exhibition, Kleur als Taal or Colour as Language does not only showcase Etel Adnan’s art. It provides flashes of her brilliance as a writer of fiction, poetry and nonfiction (a kind of autobiographical travel writing) and, like a poem, displays how she weaves colours, words and styles “line by line” together like her tapestries.

ZORO FEIGL at Stedelijk Museum Schiedam

The newly renovated Stedelijk Museum Schiedam opened last weekend and its excellent first major exhibition takes full advantage of the new clean, bright and airy spaces. For a museum in a relatively small town the Stedelijk punches way above its weight – the Zoro Feigl’s exhibition would not be out of place in any art establishment in the world.

Zuiderstrand Theater finds a new home

I had mixed feelings about the Zuiderstrand Theater. On the one hand it was a fine auditorium with excellent sight lines and good acoustics. On the other it was really difficult to get to and from, especially by public transport. Oh, and it is the only theatre I have ever been in that had sand swirling around the foyer.

ART ROTTERDAM 2022 at Van Nelle Fabriek

Art fairs can be exhausting – dozens of stands, thousands of pieces of art. It can be easy to overdose, if your feet last that long. Another problem is that at the big art fairs there is often a lot of poor quality art, in fact not art at all, just pictures.

The quality at Art Rotterdam, for a fair of its size is surprisingly high. While, of course, not everything was my cup of tea, I was obvious that nearly all of it was Good Art.

Art Rotterdam week – Open Ateliers

The Kunstenaarscollectief de Kerk has rented a Catholic church which is loosely divided into its members’ ateliers; it is used as a workspace but also a platform through which they show their work to the public. During Art Rotterdam/Open Ateliers the collective will open the church’s door to the public, show them where they work, and explain to them the process of creating.

Stedelijk Museum Schiedam reopens after renovation

Stedelijk Museum Schiedam reopened Saturday, 14th May after eighteen months of renovation.

The huge ribbon which swathed the front of the building was cut by Dutch Culture Minister Gunay Uslu in the presence of Schiedam mayor Lamers and the museum’s directer, Anne de Haij and a large crowd.

Sjarel Ex to leave the Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum

This autumn, director Sjarel Ex will leave the Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum in Rotterdam that he has led for the past eighteen years. With the museum itself closed for renovation, the collection is more accessible than ever in the new Depot, where the preservation of…