Textile design has come a long way since the mention of the word conjured up images of tables clothes, patterns, sheets, dress material and even American quilts. The Rijswijk Textile Biennial yet again established that there is a lot more to textiles than you would perhaps think


All works of art have left the museum prior to the major renovation of the building. After a relocation process lasting seven months the museum is empty. It will open its doors again in seven years. Today the key was handed over to the municipality of Rotterdam, owner of the building. . .

Joana Vasconcelos I’M YOUR MIRROR at Kunsthal, Rotterdam

There is a giant pair of high-heel shoes, entitled Marylin, made from goodness-knows-how-many shiny new saucepans and their lids. There is an armchair made from aspirin blister packs and the piece which gives its name to the exhibition, I’m Your Mirror, a giant eye-mask made from hundreds of mirrors set in bronze.

Summer show at HERO Gallery, Amsterdam

Most eye catching for me were the original artworks which had been photographed with explosions or sparklers lighting them up, ultimately leading to the burning and destruction of the original the art for something new.

CHINESE MAN at the Melkweg, Amsterdam

The Chinese Man Records, their independent record label, is a real community that connects performers from all over the world and around which gravitate not only musicians, but also directors, photographers, graphic designers, etc. During their concerts, in addition to use electronic equipment, Chinese Man are usually accompanied by singers that make the show even more addictive.


MIRAGES – Couperin, Ravel and Fauré in the Van der Mandelezaal on 3rd August

First taking the stage were Hannes Minnaar, who this year made his debut at the Concertgebouw in the Meesterpianisten (Master-pianists) series and Olga Pashchenko, currently associate professor of piano forte at the Amsterdam Conservatoire.

ALL YOU CAN ART on its way to a permanent place in Rotterdam

The Kunsthal, the IBB, the Rotterdam municipal authority, funding bodies and other initiatives are currently exploring the possibility of a permanent location in South Rotterdam: a long-term, permanent basis from which new forms of presentation can be developed and public participation, dialogue and talent development can be stimulated.