LE FOULARD at Koninklijke Schouwburg Paradijs in The Hague

Wearing a black leotard and tights engulfed in an ever-swirling enormous scarf it is hard to describe Lucy Hopkins – she is a sort or cross between Marcel Marceau and Joyce Grenfell. The three conflicting characters she portrays are defined and described by the huge billowing scarf, which acts as costume, props and scenery.

MAGDA MENDES at Pianino Theater in The Hague

Magda Mendes has a beautiful voice and an engaging personality. Last night she was singing pure fado, accompanied by Ward Veenstra and between them they played guitar, ukulele, a sort of square bodhran and the exquisite sounding 12-string Portuguese guitar.

Wanderlust Festival

12th October. Presented by Residentie Orkest The Hague and Zuiderstrand Theater. The Wanderlust music experience is a hop-on, hop-off festival at the seaside with pop, classical, jazz and so much more. Anything is possible. Wanderlust is a cosmopolitan festival where the wanderers of the world meet to chill, chat and mingle, while the best musicians take centre stage.

Lahav SHANI and Daniel BARENBOIM at de Doelen, Rotterdam

Some of the world’s best soloists will be coming to Rotterdam this season, but the arguably biggest attraction came to help introduce Shani to the Rotterdam audience: Maestro Daniel Barenboim himself; musician, humanist and philosopher extraordinaire comes to Rotterdam . . .

Nederlands Dans Theater triple bill – SAISONNIER

I know I should be objective, casting a critical eye over proceedings. I should be open minded, impartial and unbiased, but I have to admit to being none of those things as far as the Nederlands Dans Theater is concerned. I luv ‘em. So last night, along with the great, the good, and the glamourous, I turned up for the start of NDT1’s new season

Preview of WAVE LENGTH FESTIVAL in Leiden

5th & 6th October. WAVELENGTH is the festival for classical music and science at the Leiden Bio Science Park. Listen to innovative performances by top international musicians at leading companies in life sciences.