Nederlandse Reisopera’s THE BARBER OF SEVILLE on tour

Nederlandse Reiopera’s Il Barbiere Di Siviglia – it is pure fun from beginning to end. It is played entirely for laughs, all the stops pulled out, and it gets them. This production is akin to an English pantomime with bright colours, garish sets and costumes and over the-top characters – and it all works brilliantly.

LOUIS APOL ON NOVA ZEMBLA at Panorama Mesdag in The Hague

A few sketches in the exhibition show Apol performed his share of tasks on board the wooden sailing vessel Willem Barents. It set sail for its third attempt to reach Nova Zembla in June 1880. Its captain recorded, the odd crew-member took a sketchbook with him everywhere, even on duty.

MOLTEN GOLD at the Sigaren Fabriek in Delft

Moving mostly in unison to Jeske de Blauw’s incessant, hypnotic soundscape, the movements become more frenetic, more obsessive until finally some sort of liberation is achieved. The movements toward the end were almost out of control – the dancers could easily have been at a gig by the Sex Pistols or The Clash in the late 1970s.


There are lots of apes and native North and South Americans throughout. Each act is presented in context and one of the most beautiful was the roller skating act which arrived, as though for a wedding, all in white, in two canoes. There was an amazing Chinese unicycling act with five girls catching metal bowls on their heads . . . an exciting and truly unique experience.