DORIAN GRAY at the Korzo in The Hague

There are many allusions in Wilde’s story, ranging from Tannhäuser to the more obvious Faust and this production introduces us to another, a sort of digital Frankenstein monster. . . The soundtrack is implemented live by the performers through a series of various microphones attached to them . . .

The Instrument of Troubled Dreams in Oude Kerk, Amsterdam

The artists had set up 28 speakers inside the sanctuary of the church, with a Mellotron surrounded by chairs in the middle. On rare precious moments, when the sun from the East shines through the stained glass church windows and each sun ray touches upon dust particles inside . . .

Quite Discontinuous at the Korzo in The Hague

If you have ever been involved in a car crash you’ll know that while it is happening your perception is heightened and everything slows down as the incident develops. It’s like you are a spectator, watching from afar as your destiny unfolds, out of your control. Such is the case with Jasper van Luijk’s Quite Discontinuous . . .

OUR STORY at the Wereld Museum, Rotterdam

“Origin is the ink we use to draw our future”. These are the words spoken by Rotterdam’s city poet Derek Otte in his introduction to the exhibition. The museum is currently preparing for the next stage in its history so Our Story is unusual in the sense that it is held during the building’s renovation.


Divna Ljubojević & Melódi Choir, at the Nieuwe Kerk, Den Haag, 1st December

We all have an image of the Byzantine era, of the architecture and the awe-inspiring church interiors, but it is rare to come face to face with an artist performing the mysterious music of the Eastern Orthodox Church.

BLOSSOM at Garage Rotterdam

Garage Rotterdam’s latest exhibition, Blossom, makes you re-evaluate what you thought computer art was. The dominant perception of computer art is that it is novel, mechanical, digital. But the artworks in this exhibition are physical – and at times extremely colourful – entities. The exhibition was organised in close collaboration with the Contemporary Art Museum in Zagreb, Croatia.