CHALO CORREIA at The Korzo in The Hague

Chalo Correia grew up in Angola but moved to Portugal over twenty years ago and, consequently, his unique sound contains elements and influences from both countries. His music is based on traditional styles such as the semba, rebita, rumba and kazacuta but the Portugese influence is clear

CRY HAVOC! presented by STET at Het Paradijs in The Hague

Cry Havoc is a fast moving, ever changing kaleidoscope, bringing laughter one moment, tears the next. In this virtuoso performance Stephan Wolfert carries his audience with him every step of the way, often into dark unfamiliar corners where otherwise they would be loath to tread . . . The performance, and indeed the writing, is a tour de force

SOUL #2 Performers at the Korzo Theater, The Hague

The creators of SOUL #2 Performers, Jérôme Meyer and Isabelle Chaffaud, set out to break down the notorious fourth wall, the invisible barrier between audience and performers and were immediately successful. With only a few chairs and stools around the edge of the room it was clear this was not going to be an event for mere spectators.

Jean Brusselmans at the Gemeente Museum, The Hague

Jean Brusselmans is perhaps less known than his fellow painter, Rik Wouters, with whom he shared a studio . . . This is very well conceived exhibition with ample explanations along the way to show the work of a quiet artist who was, for a long time, eclipsed by the show-manship of his contemporaries.

HARRY PARTCH at the Korzo Theatre in The Hague

I have to confess to not being much acquainted with Harry Partch before this concert. I would now consider myself a fan . . . The Amsterdam based Scordatura Ensemble is a leading exponent and promoter of his work and their too short concert at the Korzo last night was a joyous voyage of discovery.


Why Gouda? Pieter Pourbus was born here, around 1523. He painted one of his alter pieces for Gouda’s Sint Janskerk (Saint John’s church). This church, known for its stained glass and on the UNESCO heritage list, lies next the museum . . . In many of his paintings, Pourbus mixes Medieval and Renaissance influences.

REWIRE FESTIVAL in The Hague – Days Two & Three

After Saturday’s fast and furious gigs at the Paard it was nice to sit quietly and listen to the more measured and subtler tones of South Korean composer and multi-instrumentalist Park Jiha. This has been an extraordinary and popular Festival seriously marred by ticketing issues