MRS PICASSO by STET at Branoul Theatre, The Hague

Pablo Picasso, arguably the greatest artist of the twentieth century, was a famous philanderer with a string of mistresses and muses right up until his death in 1973 at the age of ninety-two. In her play Mrs Picasso, Carlijn van Ramshorst presents and reveals two of them.

Operadagen 2018 in Rotterdam

WHEN I DIE: A GHOST STORY WITH MUSIC. In 1964, Rosemary Brown, a forty-eight-year-old widow, received a visitor to her sprawling terraced house in Balham, South London – Hungarian composer Franz Liszt who had died seventy-eight years earlier. Liszt, it seems had a favour to ask of the suburban housewife: would she please jot down a few tunes he had not managed to complete during his lifetime.

Operadagen opening night in Rotterdam

What I love best about opera is that it is total theatre, bringing together all the other disciplines and talents involved in the performing arts. You have high drama, great acting and singing, wonderful music, often dance, plus the opportunity for designers and directors to give full reign to their talents. This was demonstrated last night by Earth Diver, the opening performance of this year’s festival.

Art Nouveau/New Objectivity at Prinsenhof, Delft.

ART NOUVEAU/NIEUWE ZAKELIKKHEID.This exhibition is not only fascinating in its subject matter, it is beautifully mounted to world class standard. It is of such a richness that it is impossible to name all those who created the explosion of enterprise, coupled with art and exquisite applied crafts.

Amsterdam Hermitage exhibits NEW REMBRANDT

Jan Six, art historian and art dealer, made headlines yesterday. He discovered and bought a ‘new’ Rembrandt. This previously unknown Rembrandt is exhibited at the Amsterdam Hermitage from today, for just four weeks.

Voorjaars Ontwaken at The Korzo Theatre in The Hague

As I have said before on these pages, I am a big fan of the Korzo Theatre. What I like about it, apart from the wonderful physical space(s), is the quantity, quality and diversity of shows they put on. There is always something new and exciting taking place there and although its main interest is dance there is a lot more going on besides


Gatti and the Concertgebouw go against the trend and finally go the distance with Mahler. There is engagement and passion on the last desks, which makes for the best interpretation I have ever heard of this symphony. Finally, we hear Mahler as the self-destructive, forever broken artist that he was.