A new exhibition at Galerie Artline in Delft

Artline has been open for several months showing mixed work by various gallery artists and from the gallery’s store room. All of the work has been abstract and all of it very painterly. The first named group exhibition has gone off on a very different piste. The work of the four featured artists in Constructivisme Concreet is all minimalist and all the work is three dimensional with not a lot of colour in evidence.

TIM WALKER Wonderful Things at Kunsthal, Rotterdam

The stories Walker tells are complex and the sources of their inspiration are diverse and complicated. Sometimes he takes fashion shots for the world’s top designers; sometimes he takes portraits of celebrities; sometimes his work recreates or takes inspiration from stories of the past. In all cases the photographs are multifarious, very colourful and have an air of mystery about them

A PERFECT DAY at Door Open Space in Amsterdam

Welcome to A Perfect Day: a place in which ‘artists reflect, through drawings with text, on the absurd, poetic, frustrating and glorious daily life accompanied by experiment in music and performances.’ The crucial adjective that is omitted from this description is depressing. For more than they were absurd or poetic or glorious or frustrating, the art-works were depressing.

Celebrating An Evening With Jiří Kylián by NDT 1

Kylián has created over one hundred ballets of which seventy-seven have been performed by NDT and all but two of which were created especially for the company. . . This was a fitting tribute to a great choreographer who has guided the NDT and left his mark on worldwide contemporary dance for the best part of fifty years. His influence will almost certainly be in evidence for the next fifty. 


Delft Fringe Festival On Tour is the well-travelled sister of the famous Delft Fringe Festival. The new theater formula, which Einstein would be jealous of, is touring 11 provinces from Delft. A selection of three young makers who have won the audience award in recent years at the Delft Fringe Festival.


This beautiful exhibition follows chronologically the rise and rise of Amalia using paintings, engravings, documents and even pieces of furniture and household items. From the beginning it becomes clear that this was a woman to be reckoned with.