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Malpertuisplein 60
6217 CD Maastricht

043 321 01 66
043 325 76 55

Postal Address

Postbus 104
6200 AC Maastricht

Based in Maastricht, OperaZuid regularly tours to venues in Den Haag, Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Opera Zuid has been performing opera for more than twenty-five years with many talented international vocalists and is the epicenter for opera in the South Netherlands. Opera Zuid wants to spread opera as widely as possible and make everyone part of it: opera from and to everyone.

In early 2017 Waut Koeken was appointed as the new director. In the coming years, he will aim to passionately deliver Opera Zuid’s new policy – surprising repertoire, distinctive artistic quality, collaboration with (South) Dutch and European companies and developing young talent.

Waut Koeken says, “Opera speaks to our hearts and minds and becomes the deepest of our human being – and the core of that human being is imagination. This is one of the features of Opera South, which makes us unique.”