SINGERS WANTED for Delft Chamber Music Festival Choir

This year, the Delft Chamber Music Festival is organizing a concert performance of the short opera Le Villi by Giacomo Puccini in collaboration with the Molto Foundation. They call on amateur singers (m/f) to sing in the opera choir.

For this opera choir, the festival is looking for enthusiastic amateur singers who will study and perform Le Villi within two days under the direction of conductor Rick Schoonbeek, pianist Andrea Vasi and singing teacher Anne-Marie Spin. During the concert, three top professional soloists will join the choir to sing the solos. To enjoy the anticipation at home, participants will receive a link to the digital sheet music and all sung choir parts after registration. So it is not necessary to be able to read music, everyone can practice their own part at home using the recordings. The costs for participation are €65 per person.

Le Villi is Puccini’s first opera and premiered in 1884. The legend of the “Villi” (vengeance witches) tells the story of Roberto who abandons his fiancée Anna. Anna commits suicide out of grief. When Roberto returns, Guglielmo (Anna’s father) asks de Villi to take revenge on Roberto. The Villi force Roberto to dance until he literally drops dead. It is a short opera of 70 minutes with beautiful choirs and arias. Despite being a youth work, it is already Puccini through and through.


Zinzi Frohwein (Anna), Denzil Delaere (Roberto) and Marc Pantus (Guglielmo).

To register

Male and female singers who want to sing along must register before July 8 by sending an email to stating their name, address, postal code, email address and voice type (soprano, alto, tenor, bass).

For more information, please contact Rick Schoonbeek: