NDSM – Amsterdam

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Plein 28,

1033 WB Amsterdam


The NDSM area in Amsterdam North has been around for over a hundred years. From industry to historic shipbuilding colossus. From an industrial construction site to an incubator for pioneering art. Over the past decades, countless creators, artists, cultural institutions, programming restaurants, new museum concepts and appealing initiatives for festival and cultural events have settled here. The extensive outdoor area offers space for wonder, connection and experimentation. As a free space for art and culture, but also as a space to wander around for residents of the surrounding neighborhoods and the many visitors from home and abroad. Together, they make NDSM an inseparable whole: the city’s cultural incubator, and the bustling heart of old, new and future urban neighborhoods.


The NDSM-werf Foundation was founded in 2009 and has the task of the municipality to ensure both the physical management and the cultural accessibility of the countryside. The foundation does this with the conviction that Amsterdam needs places like this: where old and new meet, where public space really belongs to everyone and is not swallowed up by private interests. Where you can browse and experiment, where there is room for culture and experimentation. Where festivals and a safe living environment coexist and where heritage and free space give a voice to history and (counter-) culture.